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Do you rely on good images to sell your product ?

Do you have a lot of different products ?

Drop Off and Shoot is the package for you !

600 images ... for only £67 a month !


PAC, Product  photography, perfect for online sales and Ebay resellers

What is Drop Off and Shoot ?

For companies who have alot of products on a regualr bases  such as EBAY sellers,  craft shops or any online retailer we offer a drop off and shoot package.   The concept is simple,  You have 50 images a month.  For example a mobile phone,  we can shoot front, back, side and with the box so this would be 4 images.  If you sell cups  we could shoot 50 cups straight on etc etc...

How much does it cost and any other charges ?

  • Drop Off and shoot package up to 50 images a month for 12 months is £800 which is paid before the first shoot. 
  • Images are simple desktop size products.
  • larger images can be accommodated but contact DK Capture before droping off
  • Glass or see through images are NOT included in this package.
  • We do not allow roll-over of unused image quota.
  • Over run per month will be either charged at £3.50 per image or taken off next month quota
  • Adding your own water mark / logo FREE

Additional charges per image

  • Cut out of image:
    • Simple       £3.00  eg box
    • Standard    £4.00  eg table
    • Complex    £8.00  eg clothing
  • Editing of a image £5.00

What is a cut out ?

We shoot items on a white background,  this in turn will have some shadow underneath the item.  A cut out is when we cut around the image and remove it from the back ground allowing you to have any colour you wish...




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