Product and Commercial Photography

Helping you to achieve the best for your company....

PAC, Product and Still Life photography, perfect for online sales and Ebay resellers

What does it cost ?

  • £70 per hour including images.
  • Large quantaties we can provide you with a bespoke price
  • White backdrop
  • sized for Amazon or Ebay if required.


Location  & Lifestyle photography is charged at £70 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours or £500 for the day.  Time includes lighting setup and breakdown. All images will be provided on CD. Editing is charged at £35 per hour.


Additional Options for Studio Product Shoots

  • Cut out of image:
    • Simple       £3.00  eg box
    • Standard    £4.00  eg table
    • Complex    £8.00  eg clothing
  • Editing of a image £5.00
  • Adding your own water mark / logo FREE

What is a cut out ?

We shoot items on a white background,  this in turn will have some shadow underneath the item.  A cut out is when we cut around the image and remove it from the back ground allowing you to have any colour you wish...

Professional photography TIME, MONEY  and increase SALES

TIME, MONEY, SALES – Key ingredients essential for any business to grow and be profitable, and every sized business; whether product or service based, can benefit from having photographs taken of their products, service, staff, buildings or equipment.

Now, I hear you say, almost everyone has a digital camera, so why bother using a professional?

 Well, perhaps you can take photographs but does that mean you should?   While it might seem a cheaper option to take your own photographs, how much time does it take?  Setting up, taking the pictures and editing, this for the untrained eye can take hours to do.  Now imagine that time spent on your business?

Let’s think about it in a different way, most companies don’t do their own accounts because of lack of time and knowledge – consider good photography in the same way.

So why is photography so important?

Imagine for a moment you’re comparing two new suppliers for your own business.  Both offer similar products and costs, however one has poor product imagery where it is difficult to see in clear detail, yet the other has images that showcase the product well.  Who would you buy from?  This is probably how your customers feel for products you may sell.  It doesn’t stop with just products too, good head shots, staff, office images all portray one key element “professionalism” = more business!

The answer is simple; a "professional photographer": r above all has experience, technical knowledge, as well as the creative capacity to take a perfect image that showcases your business best.

Why talk to us?

By using the services of a highly recommended professional photographer such as DK Capture Photography & Studio Hire you can be assured of clear, creative, eye-catching images, helping you stand out from your competitors.  And, remember these images are yours to use time and time again, online, print, displays etc.


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Portrait studio photographer specialising in family portrait photography within the Bournemouth, Ferndown, Poole and Christchurch Dorset area.  All makeover and fashion photography sittings are private shoots in our Bournemouth photography studio or we can offer a location shoot of your choice. 
We only use professional makeup and hair artist for our makeover shoots.  For Teen Model Experience photoshoot an adult must be present for clients under 18 years of age.

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